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Zona Urbana

5 minutes directly west of the Village and the main highway 307, just beyond the local commercial colonia, is the newly developing Zona Urbana. Close to restaurants and markets providing the basics, and some fabulous meals at local prices, also providing  a chance to mingle with the people who grew up here, and those that arrived to work in the booming construction field, and staying to work and raise families in the ever expanding goods and services industry in this area.
Zona Urbana was the first national land area since I arrived 9 years ago to be sectioned off into square hectare parcels, (2.4 acres each) become titled, and now are being further sectioned off into lots of about 2500 sq meters, which is just over a half acre.  The attraction to this area is nearness to the village, utilities available, and there has already been construction of individual homes. The jungle height in the first 5-8 streets (calles) is relatively low, then as the numbers go up so does the height of the jungle. However the streets beyond 14 are also sparse of habitation and so services are still scattered. But improving rapidly.
More populated than it's neighbor Ruta De Cenotes and Central Vallarta, and , closer to services as well as Cancun, but still plenty of room to breathe on your property is what Zona Urbana offers.
Here are my current Zona Urbana Exclusive listings, and I am also happy to represent you on any other properties you may be interested in purchasing! CLICK!
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