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Route de los Cenotes and Central Vallarta

Lush high jungle with many indigenous hardwoods surrounds a tiny village called Central Vallarta, once a remote community of “chicleros” down a tiny dirt road. Three years ago the road was improved and it is now one of the main arteries leading to Chichen-Itza. Just 20 minutes from the beaches of Puerto Morelos Village. The recent working history of this area was sending beautiful hardwoods, gum, (chicle) and hemp for  export through Puerto Morelos to ship to Europe in the 1920’s and 30’s.

When those industries died out this region became remote once again and as Cancun began to emerge in the 70´s this became the jungles that tourists were taken to that once seemed so remote, but are now 40 minutes by good roads to the Hotel Zone of Cancun.


This area is now reclaimed and re-emerging as a low density eco-tourism community, filled with numerous development projects from residential to recreational.


Cenotes dot the area.

Eco-parks, a Polo club and even a Far Eastern Martial Arts Spiritual Retreat Center are all coming to life.  Surrounding these unique destinations are large parcels of virgin jungle that are being transformed into housing communities, small gentleman ranches, all resulting in urban sprawl with an eco-friendly  twist. At this time the smallest area sold is one hectare, which is 2.4 acres, some areas allow one more division with a maximum of 2 homes for each 2.4 acres. Currently however only one title per 2.4 acres is being issued.


Pricing varies due to numerous factors. First price determination is whether or not it has a title. Most lots in both of these areas can be titled if they are not already, How ever a cost and a process is required. One foreign investment note is until it does have a title it is not possible to have a foreign name on the existing papers.  Another large price determining factor is whether or not the property has electricity brought to it, if not how close is the nearest post. New roads are being cut monthly in this virgin area. Then there is even jungle height to consider, and location of various eco parks, residential areas, etc. these details are important factors in understanding pricing. A large price determining factor is also whether or not you have a cenote on your property. Sometimes you buy land and discover one as you are cleaning it!


This area is extremely special in its history, and it is fast becoming an attractive area of investment due to its co-existence with Puerto Morelos,  and it is just 20 minutes from the pristine beaches of   Puerto Morelos and it is still quite affordable. Providing an opportunity to invest, construct, and enjoy the privacy included with larger parcels, plus the magical environment of the jungle, plus much more space for your pesos!


There are some existing properties already constructed and waiting for the next owners as well, but primarily this area will require construction, or simply  invest in the land and watch your investment bloom! Along with a few orchids!

Let me help you discover this form of investment here in the Riviera Maya.


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