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Puerto Morelos Suburbs and New Areas

Many people know the Village of Puerto with its 10 blocks of great restaurants and wonderfully non-aggressive vendors, but there is more to the fabric that is Puerto Morelos.


Los Pescadores, La Colonia Zetina Gasca, , Zona Urbana,  Ruta De Los Cenotes, Petempiche, Playa Sur,  Playa Secreto, Villas I, Villas II and son Villas III, plus Bucaneeros are all pieces of the entire quilt that  is Puerto Morelos.

Directly west of the village before the main road behind the Baseball field is the Pescadores. This area was settled and still inhabited by many of the original families many of them fisherman from the village. Recently it has had a growth spurt due to the reasonable lot prices, and the great vista that it has of the national park leading into the port and its elevated location allows for ocean views from many vantage points. A varied commercial and residential community. Big advantage is location in respect to the village, and all services such as water, electricity, cable all there ready  to connect to immediately. There are however not a great deal of homes for resale available, and most would require some upgrading or rebuilding. Some vacant lots still exist.

Immediately on the west side of the overpass, or the Disco Bridge as we locals affectionately call it, is the Colonia Zetina Gascga, named after one of the prominent founding families still active in the area. Originally providing economical places for workers to live and stay it has grown into a mostly commercial area where vegetable markets, reasonably priced rustic restaurants, street vendors, and local life gathering in the park now comprise the main elements of this community. There are still some residential homes and multiple living dwellings, but the vast percentage is now commercial. All services available in this entire area. Very few homes, many commercial opportunities. Reasonably priced, and the fastest growing commercial area in Puerto Morelos.

Immediately west of this area beyond the covered basketball park is the beginning of the very first planned housing that sprung up in late 2004 known as Villas 1. The initial phase was mostly side by side duplexes and has morphed into an upgraded version of the nearby colonia mostly residential but with small home based business interspersed. Villas II currently under construction and on the north side of Villas I is larger freestanding homes and much less home based businesses. Villas III is the upgraded version with controlled access, and more defined commercial areas. All connected to city water, most services available although in the newest additions sometimes cable not yet available, but with dish services there is TV access. Biggest advantage is a lot of house for less money, already built, and most can be finished to your taste allowing you to purchase new construction without the hassle of building. Economical vacation or retirement homes, by far the fastest growing area slated to have over 80,000 residents in these three phases by 2015. Prices range from $60k to $120K


Zona Urbana lies directly west of Villas 1, and the Colonia Zetina Gasca. Most visitors are familiar with  the Jungle Spa which sits on  Calle 2 of  Zona Urbana, there are around 20 Calles (streets) in this area, originally sold in 1 hectare plots, then many have been subdivided into 50x50 lots. There are a  smattering of homes that have been built over the past 1-3 years.  The vast majority of this area is raw land requiring building. Benefit is larger parcels, and you can build what you need as you need it. Depending on the actual street some have electricity to them, and some do not. Prices vary according to the actual street or calle as they are known, and depending on services, condition of the road, and what already exists, as some have been cleared, some not. Sub-divided lots range from $40k to $65k depending on infrastructure factors.  There are still many parcels that are not yet titled, but all can be titled.


South of Zona Urbana is the Ruta De Los Cenotes. A very much talked about area since the road to Leona Vicario was completed at the end of 2009. In addition to the Polo Club at km 9 there have been numerous commercial businesses from zip line and, ATV jungle tours, cenote diving, horseback riding, boutique hotels, as well as planned residential communities popping up monthly. Most residential communities are in the beginning so there is not a great deal of actual homes built yet, but they are coming. Still the vast majority of this area is large parcels of one hectare (2.4 acres) up to 100 hectare plots. There are few, almost none, re-sale homes, so this area is strictly to invest in raw land and either build or speculate. Most hectares are located as low density eco-tourism and up until now cannot be divided and titled less than 1 hectare, but you can build 2 homes per hectare. SO obviously in the future at least 1/2 a hecataer will be able to receive title. This zone is the most protected ecologically in the area. 

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